• Create an account at the time of registration and upload your CV as PDF file.
  • Your CV will be transferred to our database for further checks and matching crite
  • We select the best matching skills for the job.
  • A Dewan recruitment consultant may contact you to ask you some further question concerning your career expectations.
  • If we have a job opening and if your skill set is matching the job criteria, we will get in touch with you.
  • If no job opening is available, we will keep your CV with us and will contact you in future

Yes, your data is kept completely confidential. According to  Dewan Consultants company policy it will be stored in company’s secure database.

We do not release employer and salary information at the first interview. After the second interview you will get further information about salary and benefits.

We will call you when an employer notifies us about a need for an interview.

 Your are more than welcome to refer any friend, relative or co-worker, who might fit into the job qualifications.

At the moment we are not sending email newsletters to our prospects. You can find actual job openings on our website under Hot Jobs.

The entire process should only take about less than 10 minutes. If you have a Word document open at the same time you can easily copy and paste the text from one to the other. Once you have registered, you can re-visit www.dewanconsultants.com/jobs as often as you like to add / modify details to your CV.

To add your details to www.dewanconsultants.com/jobs you will need to complete a section for each piece of different data. That is a section for each different period of education, a section for each different period of employment or different position held, a separate section for each reference you are offering, a section in which you can provide a summary of your career to date and future aspirations and a section regarding your permission to work in UAE/Other Countries.

Some systems like www.dewanconsultants.com/jobs may ask you to fill out some limited detail in a form to which you can attach a copy of a Word document. The problem is you will lose control over the content of your CV and every time your personal circumstances change you will need to send another CV. As a result we end up with several copies of the one person’s details and the moment we receive it, it starts to age and become dated.

By offering you the opportunity to use www.dewanconsultants.com/jobs as the repository for your personal CV, so that you can print off a copy for your own use or apply it to a new job vacancy that arises, you will only ever be using the one version of your CV and if anything changes, you can update your CV and keep us informed.

As you create your own CV within www.dewanconsultants.com/jobs you can review your progress at any time by clicking on Print Preview.

Use of the information you add to www.dewanconsultants.com/jobs will be covered by the terms outlined in the Privacy Statement available on the system.

The form will return to the screen each time you insert a separate piece of data into www.dewanconsultants.com/jobs so that you can add another separate piece of information. After you have finished each section by adding all separate Educational achievements or different Jobs or Employers you should click the next section at the left hand side of the screen to move forward.

The primary objective of having you add your details to www.dewanconsultants.com/jobs is to ensure that we have the most up to date and reader friendly version of your CV possible. By adding each section separately you will be building your CV so that it will be fully formatted and something that you will be proud to use for any purpose in the future.

Once you have created your own user profile you can visit www.dewanconsultants.com/jobs as often as you need to finish the job. Unlike other systems that force you to use system generated user ID’s and passwords that can be awfully hard to remember, www.dewanconsultants.com/jobs allows you to select your own.

Nothing, simply re-connect and pick up where you were interrupted. Unlike other systems that do not allow you to save your work until you completely finish it, www.dewanconsultants.com/jobs saves each section separately which protects you from the loss of any data. The only data you might lose is the immediate section you were working on.