Late Mr. Jagdish Dewan


Dewan Consultants prides itself on having set the standards for stellar standards recruitment in India.

Having operated internationally for over four decades, Dewan Consultants prides itself on having set the standards for world-class recruitment both in India and globally. With offices split across the three major global hubs for manpower: India, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia, Dewan Consultants has pioneered fast and efficient recruitment and remains the accolade for being the leading Indian consultancy providing personnel Globally.

From sourcing to screening to interviewing up to immigration, Dewan Consultants has perfected the art of effective and targeted labor recruitment services for global multinational businesses across a plethora of industries.

Some of these industries include hospitality, manufacturing, banking and construction, oil & gas, aviation, and automotive, to name a few.

At our consultancy, we maintain a dynamic and intelligible database of experienced professionals based on their qualifications, experience, and track records. With this precise information, we ensure the expeditious selection of the ideal candidates after a series of screening processes including interviews, medical checks, trade tests, and so on. Additionally, as a complete solutions provider, we take care of all the documentation, medical and orientation needs to ensure that their transfer to the destination country and company is seamless.

Our successes have helped us maintain a credible leadership position in manpower solutions globally, while simultaneously humbling us to never stray from the human in Human Resources. With that in mind, we, at Dewan Consultants, have continually provided assurance of exemplary and client-centric solutions and will continue to do so.


Since its inception in 1978, the board and the teams at Dewan Consultants have been continually driven by our mission to be India’s foremost recruitment consultancy. All of our global offices house world-class professional teams that offer bespoke manpower and human resources solutions.

We pride ourselves with having carved a niche for ourselves by offering solutions based on a combination of deep industry knowledge, customer-centric approach, coupled with the latest information technology systems. We continue to assist our clients by selecting and deploying the most versatile and experienced workforces to suit a large variety of operations for unskilled, skilled, and specialized business requirements across the globe.

From IT to Finance and construction to hospitality, Indians can be proud of their standing in helping build economies and growing commercial infrastructure everywhere. With the second-largest population in the world, the task of sourcing the right people for the right jobs has been a challenge we have welcomed since 1978.




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Our Values

Our Vision

To become India’s foremost recruitment consultancy for sourcing and providing the most suitable, efficient and diligent workers for labour intensive jobs anywhere in the world.

Our Mission

With its decades of experience in international recruitment & latest information technology systems to select and deploy the most versatile and experienced workforces to suit a wide variety of operations for unskilled, skilled and specialized business requirements across the world.