Dewan Consultants prides itself on having set the standards for world class recruitment in India. Since 1978, Dewan has set pace for fast and efficient recruitment to a multitude of locations and also remains the accolade for being the leading Indian consultancy providing personnel from the subcontinent to the United States workforce. Dewan’s diligent candidates have been sourced from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Lithuania, Romania, United Kingdom and etc. have been installed across dynamic economies from the Middle East and Europe, to the Far East and Africa.

Late Mr. Jagdish Dewan

From sourcing and screening to interviewing and immigration, Dewan Consultants has perfected the art of effective and targeted labour recruitment services for international businesses everywhere. Harnessing its many strength as a pioneer in the Human Resources field, Dewan has set out to grow faster and stronger as a global recruitment leader in the 21st century.
Having operated internationally for close to three decades, Dewan has harnessed the necessary expertise in catering for diverse recruitment needs worldwide. From hospitality, manufacturing, Banking and construction to a wide array of other service industries, Dewan has mastered the art of recruiting the right workers for the right jobs.
At Dewan, we maintain a dynamic database of experienced staff who are ready to travel and work anywhere abroad. The database is segmented according to a variety of experience fields so that when it comes to smart selection for any number of job specifications, we can deliver quick and targeted results. To ensure that we select the best candidates for our clients, we provide a series of screening procedures including interviews, medical checks and trade tests. When a final selection of candidates is made by the client, Dewan takes care of all their documentation, medical and orientation needs to ensure that their transfer to a destination country is seamless and easy.
Dewan’s insights from numerous years in the recruitment business extend a professional, scientific and comprehensive global recruitment service to all of its clients. Our successes have helped us maintain our leading position as the world’s foremost Indian resources provider and in all our years of consulting, we have always assured our clients of an exemplary and reliable service.
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